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Ronda is the perfect combination of a breathtaking  landscape with a rich and diverse history. It offers numerous possibilities for anyone visiting this amazing city.


Ronda takes us back from its Arab past, a great bastion during the last years of Al-Andalus, until the centuries when the noble houses left their mark on its streets and extraordinarily well preserved buildings.




Ronda has an incredibly well preserved monumental heritage, led by the Bullring of Ronda, the oldest in Spain which is also the most visited monument in the city.

In this route, we'll make sure you pay a visit to those monuments which have a close relationship with the physiognomy of the city and its history, reflected in its imposing architectural styles.


We will take you on a tour where you can enjoy the unique beauty of the Plaza de Toros, the magnificent Palacio de Mondragón, the greatest exponent of the Mudejar architecture of the city: Santa María la Mayor Church of Ronda and the Arab Baths of Ronda, one of the best preserved in the peninsula, without forgetting the work of architecture par excellence: Puente Nuevo (the New Bridge), which we will contemplate from various perspectives, without underestimating the Old Bridge and the Puente Romano or of San Miguel.

'INTENSIVE RONDA ' (1,5 hours)



If you only have enough time to pay our beautiful city a short visit, this is the tour for you! We will take a panoramic tour through the most emblematic places of the city.


On our walk, you'll get to see the impressive Tajo de Ronda, with its 120m of height, from the Alameda del Tajo and its famous balcony.



We will take you to see the Bullring of Ronda and the New Bridge. Then, we'll continue with a nice walk through the Historical Centre of the city, passing through the Palace of Mondragón, the Duquesa de Parcent square, where we will visit the Town Hall of Ronda, located in a barracks of the Century XVII, the Santa María la Mayor Church of Ronda, and on the way back, we will have the opportunity to admire the astonishing beauty of the Church of Nuestra Señora la Mayor.



We won't forget to discuss our history, our culture, our economy, our gastronomy and our particularities so that you can get to know Ronda in all its entirety.


'CINEMA RONDA' (2 hours)



Ronda has been an unparalleled setting for the filming of numerous films, music videos and TV shows, such as Carmen la de Ronda, by Tulio de Michelli, with romantic images of the 1959 Ronda; Carmen de Bizet by Francesco Rossi, from 1984. Even Madonna came to our city to record the videoclip of her song ''Take a Bow'' in 1994.

In recent years the German film ''Ostwind'' has been recorded in Ronda, some episodes from the last season of the German series ''Berlin Station'', as well as numerous reality shows, such as ''Fear Factor India''.

If you are a landscape lover, you enjoy the views and photographing wonderful places, we will accompany you to the cornice of the impressive Tajo de Ronda. We will descend to the place from where the best images of the New Bridge are captured and we will visit the best-hidden corners of the city so that you can capture those fascinating and unique photos.




We will take a walking tour of the most emblematic places of the city. We'll see the impressive gorge of the Guadalevín River, the famous Tajo with more than 100m of height, and the bridges that serve to cross it: New Bridge, Old Bridge and Bridge of San Miguel or Romano.


We will walk through cobbled and steep streets that show us the privileged location of Ronda in this naturally fortified plateau and after this intense walk, we will take a well-deserved rest in the historical center to taste some excellent tapas made with local products in the traditional way paired with the famous wines of Ronda.


if you haven't yet found what you are looking for in our proposals, do not worry, we are experts in listening to our visitors, and in adapting the itineraries to their preferences and interests. You just have to contact us and tell us what you need and we will design a customized route for you.

We don't forget about your little ones, so if you come as a family, let us know and we will make the guided tour also a fun game for them!

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