When travelers arrive in Malaga, the first thing that surprises them is its clear light, the kindness of its people, its beaches bathed by the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and its pleasant climate.


Then they start discovering its past and its rich history. Phoenicians, Romans, and Arabs also saw its beauty, its benevolent climate and settled here leaving us a splendid monumental legacy. Its present is cosmopolitan. The twentieth century made it the first tourist center in Europe, the third most important airport in Spain. City chosen by many Europeans as a second residence.


The 21st Century has crowned it as a modern and cultural city, the sixth most populated city in Spain and among the three Spanish cities with the best art scene offer. In Malaga we can find true cultural gems like Picasso Museum, Thyssen Bornemiza, CAC, Pompidou Center, Russian Museum ... to name a few of the 36 art centers that make up its wide range of museums.


Come and enjoy Malaga because it's GREAT!



Walking tour through the monumental Phoenician, Roman, Muslim and Christian Malaga. We will enter the Alcazaba to admire this fortified Muslim city of the 11th century which was an inspiration for the Alhambra in Granada. From above, the views that the city offers us are well worth the name of "Beautiful Malaga". They are spectacular.



Against the background of the Mediterranean Sea and in front of the harbor, the lighthouse of Malaga, the park's promenade, the Town Hall and much more. We will also discover places known only by locals.



We will meet some of the most frequent characters seen in Malaga such as the 'Cenachero' and the 'Biznaguero'.

This tour will give you an exceptional view of Malaga. Highly recommended if it's your first time in the city.


Departure time: 11.00 am

Meeting point: Alcazaba

Price: 20€/person

'PICASSO OLÉ & OUI' (3 horas)

Tour of Malaga, focusing on the places where Picasso lived during his childhood, such as La Plaza de la Merced, the house where he was born, the Church of Santiago where he was baptized and the Bullring of La Malagueta. We will end up touring his life and works chronologically at the Picasso Museum in Malaga.




We will walk around the city reading it with our feet. As Jane Bowles said: "Cities are books that must be read with our feet". We will arrive at the Atarazanas market, a local market and an old Arab gateway to the city.



We will taste local products, talk about the gastronomic and every-day traditions of this land and at the end of the visit, foods such as almonds, dried figs, raisins from Malaga, olives from Aloreñas, sweet wines, pajaretes, the shade, the half, the camperos, the espetos and the gazpachuelo will no longer have secrets for us.



A tasting of local products in the market, tasting of Malaga wines and food based on local tapas is included.




In this tour, in addition to discovering the city by foot, we will feel its soul through flamenco.


The tour includes a walking excursion of the city as well as the entrance to a flamenco show in the urban heart, and a dinner tasting the most typical local tapas. All this, encouraged by explanations of our knowledgeable guide.



Flamenco was declared an intangible heritage of humanity in 2010 by UNESCO, thus recognizing the cultural values of this original genre of Andalusia. You can not leave this land without seeing a flamenco show. The Mediterranean diet was also recognized by UNESCO in 2013 and inscribed as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. We will savor the tapas of the Mediterranean diet in Malaga.


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