We invite you to explore one of the most beautiful areas of Europe and discover the exciting surprises kept in places like Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Caminito del Rey, White Villages, Dolmens of Antequera, Gibraltar, Andalusian Olivares, Bodegas, Valle del Genal, Natural Park Sierra de Grazalema, Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park.

'CAMINITO DEL REY' (4 - 5 hours)




The Caminito del Rey is located within a beautiful Natural Area, which makes it tremendously attractive, but it is not a simple walk. The footbridges, the suspension bridge, and the steep walls will create an inevitable feeling of vertigo: 7.7 km in length. It takes about 3 - 4 hours to complete the excursion. This is a linear route in only one direction, but there are shuttle buses between both accesses. The natural landscape of the Gaitanes gorge is located in the center of the province, between the municipalities of Alora, Antequera, and Ardales.


It is one of the most spectacular landscapes of the Sierra de Málaga. A canyon with steep walls and of considerable height where the Guadalhorce River flows after passing through the reservoirs of Chorro, Guadalhorce, Guadalteba, and Gaitanejo. The construction of a water channel from the northern reservoirs to El Chorro to take advantage of the unevenness of a hydroelectric plant led to a maintenance path of this path, known as Caminito del Rey (Trail of the King) because the project was inaugurated by King Alfonso XIII.



Ronda is the head of a very large historical region that in the past was formed by more than 40 municipalities, some of them known as Pueblos Blancos (White Villages).



We will take you to visit the most beautiful towns of the province of Cádiz, white villages and mountain villages that contain stories and traditions in their streets that will be revealed to you.



Grazalema, with its breeds of goats and sheep that gave it fame for its magnificent payoyo cheeses and the softest blankets of merino grazalemeña sheep wool; Setenil de las Bodegas that will impact you for its urbanism excavated in the rock; Villaluenga del Rosario, smallest town in the province of Cádiz, but the most beautiful of all and Zahara de la Sierra with its beautiful castle reflected in its blue marsh. These towns will not disappoint you.




The province of Malaga has wineries that are creating an unparalleled wine.


Honoring its tradition and history, despite the decline suffered by phylloxera in the nineteenth century, this sector reborn from its ashes and now offers excellent wines: the sweet and aromatic Malaga Virgen, the intense and earthy red wine from the Sierras, the traditional and ancestral must of Atajate and the world-famous Sherry or Xerez that you'll taste during the tour.


We will meet vine growers who will tell us their experiences and particularities.


If you want to live the pioneer experience, like those romantic travelers who entered the Serrania in the 19th century looking for exotic and unknown places, the Genal Valley will be your choice.


Come with us to know the towns founded by the Berbers, hanging in the mountains a few kilometers from the Strait of Gibraltar, from where they entered the peninsula, turning this valley into their garden.


Moor's Benalauría, with its magnificent and preserved ethnographic heritage, Gaucín baluarte, with its breathtaking views from the Castle, and Genalguacil, the garden of the vizier as its name suggests, which has become a museum town, will take your breath away.





Spain continues to be the world's leading producer and exporter, with an area devoted to the olive grove, which is around 2.5 million hectares. Andalusia is the first bastion producing Spanish olive oil. Olive oil is a product rooted in our food culture for thousands of years.


It was the Phoenicians who made this product known to the inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula in the 11th century BC. During the Roman era the consumption of olive oil spread rapidly, being the Bética, the current Andalusia the main production area of ​​all was empire. After the fall of Rome, the use of oil was maintained through the centuries to this day. In this tour through the Andalusian countryside we will discover infinite olive groves, oil mills (mills of oil) and everything you need to know about the olive trees and olive oil historical Almazaras.


Finca La Torre has been one year more awarded with the best oil of Spain and is in Malaga. In this tour through the Andalusian countryside we will discover infinite olive groves, old and new oil mills and we will know from the different varieties of olives to the extraction techniques. We will visit new and old mills and we will take a lunch based on olive oil.


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